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  • Sampling Supplies USA

    We are world leaders in sampling technology and we supply samplers to companies all over the world.Our core customers are the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as the chemical, cosmetic and other hygienic industries.

  • We have a HUGE range of products

    Our huge portfolio of samplers and accessories includes a large range of single use, disposable samplers for powders, granules and liquids as well as an enormous range of reusable devices for all types of products.

    We are constantly adding new products to our range so if you do not see the device that you please contact us, as we may have already found a solution to your problem.

  • Who are Sampling Supplies USA?

  • We are the US agents for a specialist UK based company dealing with the design, manufacture and supply of sampling devices. We have a huge range of products for sampling all sorts of materials (powders, granules, liquids, gels, creams, pastes, ointments, waxes, ice, etc.)
  • Sampling Supplies USA has well over 20 years of experience of design and manufacturing samplers. The vast majority of our devices are designed and constructed in house to our own exacting standards. The other devices are sourced from carefully selected partners.
  • Sampling Supplies USA are located in Palm Coast, FL.
  • Why use a Disposable Sampler?

  • The problem: Potential Source of Cross Contamination.
  • The Solution: Sampling Supplies USA range of disposable samplers eliminate this potential hazard.
  • The 10 benefits of using Disposable Samplers
    • No cross contamination
    • No Cleaning Validation
    • Eliminate operator hazard during cleaning
    • Light weight & easy to use
    • Manufactured under cleanroom conditions
    • Also available pre-sterilised
    • Eliminates biological hazards caused by sampler washing
    • Manufactured from virgin FDA acceptable polymers
    • Your peace of mind!
    • And you will SAVE money*

    *The unit cost of a disposable sampler is less than the cost of cleaning a re-usable device. You will also save on not having to do any cleaning validation. How can you lose?

    When your organisation starts using Disposable Samplers you will be meeting the latest standards being promoted by the regulatory bodies.