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  • Why Is Sampler Design So Important?

    At Sampling Supplies USA we take great care when we design our devices. Important things to consider when designing samplers are:

    1. Materials of construction - we use FDA acceptable materials (except for specialist applications)
    2. Fit for purpose - if you are going to push a sampler into your product then you need to be 100% confident that the device will not damage or cross contaminate your product. Our sampling devices are fit for purpose.
    3. We design out Cracks and Crevices - Cracks and Crevices can hold product or microbiological contaminants.
    4. The sampling device must easy to strip down and easy to clean
    5. Ergonomics - we know that if a sampler is difficult and fiddly to use then there is a good chance that the operators will not use it.

  • How Do I Place An Order With Sampling Supplies USA?
  • For information on placing an order, please contact info@samplingsuppliesusa.com.
  • Our company is not US based. Can I still order from Sampling Supplies USA?
  • Yes, we ship orders internationally or can put you in contact with a registered vendor in your location.
  • I require a custom sampler, what can Samplies Supplies USA offer me?
  • We have the experience and facilities to design and construct a custom sampler for you out of stainless steel and PTFE. We cannot, however extend this service to our plastic samplers because they are injection moulded. Existing sampler styles can be modified to suit your exact requirements or if you have a new application we will design and develop a completely new sampler. Contact Sampling Supplies USA for further information.
  • What do 'GMP', 'FDA' and other such terms mean?

    The following acronyms are used throughout this site:

    • GMP:Current Good Manufacturing Practice ( as applied to the Pharmaceutical industry)
    • FDA:United States Food and Drug Administration
    • Single Point Sampling:Taking a sample from a known position within a container
    • Multi-level Sampling:Taking discrete samples at two or more known heights within a container
    • Cross Section Sampling:Taking a single sample from a range of heights within a container
    • Unit Dose Sampling:The sample volume is the same as the volume of material required to form a single tablet, capsule, vial, ampoule, etc.
    • Free Flowing Powder:A material that will fall into a sample collecting chamber under gravity
    • Cohesive Powder:A material that will not fall into a sample collecting chamber under gravity alone
    • 304 Stainless Steel (V2A):High quality stainless steel
    • 316 Stainless Steel (V4A):Very high quality stainless steel - very good corrosion resistance makes it ideal as a product contact material
    • PTFE:Polytetrafluoroethylene
    • PC:Polycarbonate
    • PE:Polyethylene
    • PP:Polypropylene
    • PS:Polystyrene
    • Bright Polish:Polished to Bright Buff Number 7 (approx. Ra 0.1microns)
    • Satin Finish:Polished to 240 grit (approx Ra 0.75 microns)
    • Pickling & Passivating:A chemical process that gives stainless steel product a very high quality smooth, dull finish
    • Electropolishing:An electro-chemical process that gives stainless steel products a very high quality smooth, bright finish

  • Don't Get Fooled By Copies

    Several companies have tried to copy our samplers - they make poor quality imitations that at first glance look similar to ours. On inspection the difference in construction standard is obvious. The only way to be sure of buying the genuine article is to either by direct from Sampling Supplies USA or contact us for the contact details of one of our approved distributors.

    If you need help please contact us be telephone, email or fax. Our helpful and our knowledgeable sales team will be able to guide you to the most appropriate device for your application.